About Positive Change Company

My story.

There is only one thing that will get you the weight-loss results you want and that is the way you think. Nothing else.

It will determine whether you do or do not, whether you keep going or stop, whether you live by excuse or by results. Whether you exercise or do not, whether you change your diet or leave it as it is: it will all be determined by how you choose to think.

This is what will determine your weight.

I know this because after a serious road accident 15 years ago I should have died.

And it is only the way I re-trained my thinking that got me to where I am now: where I wanted to be. That and hard work of course – but the thinking always came first.

This is where this program starts. You can use exactly the same techniques I did to ensure you lose the weight you want and have the life you deserve. Short-term, deprivation based diets DO NOT WORK. We know this because we know the psychology and the stats behind them that show they have a 95% failure rate.

The last time we took someone off the helicopter with injuries like yours, they were dead, keep your chin up Damian

Paul Partington, Consultant Orthopaedic Consultant

That was 15 years ago. I owe a lot to Paul Partington.

People care, they really do.  And that is something else that was so important for this program.

You need to know you are not alone. I live by ‘never judge a person until you have walked a mile in their shoes’. We are here to help you and give encouragement and support when you want it in a way that is right for you. I will help you learn the secrets and techniques that will keep you going if it does get a little tough, when the Pirates might want you to quit (and I really wanted to quit many times).

When I came out of hospital after almost losing my leg and having endured many operations and procedures, I was left with a condition called ‘Drop Foot’, which Stroke victims can often suffer. My foot flopped about uncontrollably. The medical teams did their best to fix the physical damage.  But emotionally and psychologically I was an absolute mess. And nothing was done about that. I had to sort it out for myself. Looking back, the psychological damage ran far deeper than the physical injuries.  The strategies I learned and used to get the life I wanted back, are what you will learn in this program.

What you have in the seven chapters of this program and the three weeks of support material, is the summary of 15 years of research, investigation, education and practice to understand how our thinking influences what we can achieve. It fits perfectly with weight-loss.

Incredible and almost fantastical – your brain and body can do the most miraculous things if you let them.

And that is why you already have everything you need to succeed. And that is what I want to tell you. You: your body and brain combined can do things you might not even dream possible at the moment; but I would love you to find out, because you absolutely can lose the weight you want to.

The most impactful techniques I learnt were those that push positive change. I’m a qualified Master NLP Practitioner and I have taken the most useful bits from this and added in some of the Performance Coaching techniques I find most successful with clients wanting to make big change happen.

Neil and I run The Positive Change Company because we want to make a dent in the universe.

We have a big plan for the Positive Change Company.  We will divert a percentage of all profits to the SOS Children’s charity. A truly amazing Charity we are partnering with.

I sincerely hope you can see the positive link you make in joining us through your purchase of the program.  See the link on our website for more info about this wonderful charity. We don’t know how far we can go, but I will promise anyone who is interested – I will give it my all.

One final promise – we believe so passionately about what we have made this program in to, that if you really do follow it but still find it doesn’t float your boat, just let us know and we’ll happily give you your money back.

Have an amazing day.