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Man Guru says: Do This. Lose weight.

This one was written for us by Phil Wallace. Phil is an expert in the Strength and Fitness world. He...
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Diet facts everyone should know; aside from they just don’t work.

There are so many things to know about diets - good and bad. Knowing some of these will hopefully e...
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men drinking beer

Why we get fat: the differences between men and women

Gender plays a massive role in how we carry and distribute fat. Generally, women tend to store more ...
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The top 5 temptation foods for men (And how to eat them without gaining weight)

Maintaining a healthy, balanced diet is hard, isn’t it? Especially when you’re surrounded by ...
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The top ten reasons why men don’t exercise (And how to become a man who does)

How often do you exercise? Once a year on the 1st January? Twice a year; Once in January and aga...
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The male fat trap: why you’re getting fatter as you age

As the years creep by, do you feel like you’re seriously having to dig deep and work your balls of...
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That diet really p***ed me off

“I want to be happy (or happier).” If I had £1 for every time I heard one of my clients say th...
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Man Guru says: Diets just don’t work

How are you feeling right now? Happy? Full of energy? Comfortable in your own skin? If you...
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10 eye-watering truths you need to know about dieting

Well, where on earth do we start with this can of worms? There are so many things you need to kno...
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