Why we get fat: the differences between men and women

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Gender plays a massive role in how we carry and distribute fat. Generally, women tend to store more due to the potential need to nourish a baby and maintain pregnancy. Their bodies are therefore preconditioned to store a greater percentage of fat, and they’re consequently more likely to gain weight; The average young woman’s body is made up of around 25% – 28% fat.

For young men, the figure is usually closer to 10% to 15% of overall body weight.

If you’re older, however, you can add at least 10% to each of those figures – thanks to the inevitable metabolic slowdown that accompanies ageing (if you let it beat you). And it might surprise you to learn that women’s metabolism doesn’t dramatically slow down until 10 years after ours.

With that said, the hormones associated with the menstrual cycle and fertility – such as Estrogen, LSH and FSH – also play a part in women’s predisposition to increased fat storage.

There are some undeniable physiological differences between males and females when it comes to the reasons why we get fat and have such a hard time – or not – losing weight. As with everything, though, there are variations from the norm.

Let’s explore the differences between the sexes in a little more detail…

Storing Fat

It may sound like women get the short end of the stick in relation to storing fat. But it is men who are realistically more likely to suffer from obesity-related illnesses and health conditions.

This is because – whilst women tend to develop more subcutaneous fat (fat stored directly under the skin) – men are more likely to store visceral fat (the stuff that coats your inner organs). Which is why it’s so important for men to live a healthy lifestyle – as we can appear relatively healthy on the surface, but may still have dangerous levels of fat surrounding our internal organs.

You may not think it, but alcohol can contain a huge number of hidden calories. A lot of men (not all) who are overweight have bulging bellies caused by excessive drinking. Whilst both men and women are both prone to this, women tend to drink less calorie-laden drinks such as vodka or gin and slimline tonics etc., whilst men drink a lot more calorie-loaded beer and cider.

For example, a vodka & slimline tonic contains approximately 55 calories and an average pint of draught lager equates to around 180 calories, which is more than double. Stronger beers fair even worse, with well over 350 calories a pint!

Where we do win out, however, over the fairer sex is that research suggests that we’re much less likely to be prone to food cravings.

A study at Brookhaven National Laboratory discovered that women found it much harder to resist tempting food when primed with the sights and smell of pizza/cake than men:

Guys can lower their brain activity in hunger regions on command

Impressive, right?

During the study, men were much better at turning off their cravings while women tended to fixate on their favourite foods, even when told to think of something else.  Women have also been found to be much more likely to comfort eat in times of stress or boredom.

But, that doesn’t mean that emotional eating is a women-only phenomenon. We’ve worked with many men, over the years, to correct negative eating patterns that have been caused by yo-yo dieting and mind-altering fad diets – that work against natural hunger signals.

Just the same as there are women out there who can bench-press more than then the average man. We’re all uniquely human underneath, male or female.

But what the research does prove is that – once you overcome these obstacles and recalibrate your brain to respond to inbuilt hunger cues, you’re going to have a much easier time than most women to stop comfort eating. And ultimately lose weight more easily.


Giving birth to children can make women even more susceptible to weight gain.

Not only are their hormones all over the place, but they also struggle to find time to go to the gym and stay active once the baby is born – especially if they’re breast feeding.

Men may also find it harder to find sufficient time to exercise when they have children, but aren’t necessarily restricted in the way the mother is.  They also haven’t had to carry around a baby for nine months, which takes a huge toll on the body.


How to get rid of your moobs – without fad diets

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