Our Cause

Help us make a dent in the universe.

A proportion of The Positive Change Company’s profit is going directly to a children’s charity.

The Positive Change Company is partnering with SOS Children’s Villages charity. Their goal is to provide a loving home for every child.

Why are we doing this?

When Neil and I sat down to think about what and why we wanted to build the Positive Change Company we were very, very clear that it had to give us the opportunity to make a difference. This needed to be one of its founding principles.

We donate to Charities already and I sat on a Board of Directors for an amazing charity supporting homeless people. But we wanted to try and make a bigger dent, to really make a difference to someone’s life in a way that enabled us to say “I did that”.


Why did we pick SOS Children Villages?

We are both Dads and love it, so making a difference to a child’s life sat really well with us.

When I researched what was available, the stories and the way they are told around what SOS Children’s Villages do, really struck a chord with us.  The way the Charity has itself set up and the links it creates to show people how and where every penny of their donation goes, was really important.

When I was 14 I was lucky enough to spend a few weeks in Malawi, central Africa where my Dad was working. Life, particularly for the children, left a mark on me that has never left. Poverty and deprivation to a level I could not have imaged previously, but with smiles and happiness.

How does it work?

We will divert a percentage of Positive Change Company’s profit to The SOS Children’s Villages. The more we are able to do, the more we will be able to support the Charity.

The Positive Change Company is about positive change. Sadly many kids around the world don’t have it within their power to make positive change happen. We would like to in some small way, help them make that change happen and I hope you can see that through your purchase, you are contributing to that too. More than anything else, I hope you can see how together, we might just be able to make a really big difference, hopefully a dent in the universe.

If you want to find out more about this amazing charity, have a look here.