Man Guru says: Diets just don’t work

How are you feeling right now?

Full of energy?
Comfortable in your own skin?

If you’re on a diet – of have been recently, and you’ve fallen off the waggon (again) – we suspect it’s none of the above. And you’re probably feeling a bit S*@t.


Ah yes, the tell-tale signs of deprivation diets.

Your head is probably feeling like you’ve banged it against a brick wall. You’re sporting craters under your eyes that would give your 90-year old Grandpa a run for his money. And you feel depressed with a soupçon of incandescent rage thrown in for good measure.

What went wrong?

You started off feeling so fired up and motivated this time – committed to the diet.

Repeating to yourself over and over again that this time you’d actually make it to where you want to be. But here you are eyeing up the biscuit tin, daydreaming about devouring a family-size bag of crisps and poised to call your favourite take away – ready to give it all up and resign yourself to being overweight forever.

Well, firstly, it’s not your fault. Diets don’t work – they never have and (take a deep breath) they never will for 95% of us. Sure, if you restrict calories for a while – either by dramatically eating less or by falling for one of the trendy fad diets that tell you need to cut out major food groups to lose weight, then of course you’re going to see the numbers drop on the scales for a while. But in 95% of cases, this all or nothing approach to weight loss never leads to long-term results. And if you think back to when you first went on a diet, you probably weigh more now that you did then – as it is for 80% of people wanting to lose weight.

So the number one thing you can do to take care of yourself when you feel like giving up is to give up diets forever, and stop beating yourself up. Change your mindset. And give yourself back the power to choose, by putting everything back on the menu. Yes, that includes cake, chocolate and wine.

Say out loud to yourself, right now “I am never going on a diet ever again!

How does that feel?

If you’re a life-long member of the yo-yo diet club, we’re guessing that statement probably feels pretty uncomfortable, and there’s a part of your brain that is scared of giving yourself permission to eat so called ‘bad foods’ again. Because you still want to lose weight, right?

Trust us; we’re experts in the psychology of weight loss. And there are numerous psychological reasons why you keep resorting back to emotional eating patterns – and continually fail to lose weight over the long-term.

The emotional eating cycle

psychology of weight loss cycle

This is how a typical yo-yo diet works. It might just look like a picture but this is actually the phycology behind why diets fail: it’s in built, it’s part of what makes us human and we are all attached to it like we are the colour of our eyes. We start with all the good intentions, jump head-long in to taking out things that are suposed to be bad (like carbs for example), replace things we like with things we don’t and that are usually a bit odd (like “just drink water, with maple syrup and pepper for two days out of seven). Deprive our body AND brain and it the brain will crave what it’s been used to. Temptation strikes, you feel sh*t because you gave in and failed (again). The only thing needed now is to think about starting again, so the misery can start all over again. One simple question to ask: why? It doesnt need to be this way. Because … if you want to lose weight you need to retrain your brain first. The good news? That bit is actually dead easy.

Which leads us on to the second thing we recommend you do to take care of yourself when heading for a major binge: stop and sign up for our Living with Pirates Weight Loss Programme.

We’ll explain why being on a diet is like living with a pirate; it will completely change your thinking in relation to losing weight. It will also equip you with a host of clever self-managed strategies to avoid the cycle of emotional eating and keep you invigorated mentally and physically.

More importantly it will help you stay well clear of the 95% of dieters who fail to lose weight.

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