What We Offer

Two different programmes, which are exactly the same.

People think in different ways. So we built two programmes, with identical content but delivered over different time periods to suit the two main thinking types.

Choose the programme that suits you best:

Option 1:

The quick-route to change:

A four week, fast paced program that drives rapid change.

One chapter delivered daily for seven days. You will need to complete the work each day as it builds in to the next day’s chapter.  You will need to set aside around an hour a day for this.

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Option 2:

The considered route:

If you would prefer to take a little more time to build the life you want, pick the 10 week program.  A chapter is delivered weekly with two support emails from us in between, for seven weeks.

The last 21 days of both programs are identical, creating either the four or ten week program. Tadah!

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To give you a hand in deciding which will work best for you, think about these:

Pick the Four Week route if you:

  • Want a new life in four weeks and will make it happen, regardless of all else
  • Want to push through and drive change
  • Want quick wins and quick results
  • Have 1 hour to commit a day to make change happen
  • Seek quick action and success
  • Are competitive
  • Are task focused
  • Are strong on finishing tasks well
  • Are impatient
  • Like information to be quick, brief and gone!
  • Like to be in control
  • Are a spontaneous action taker

Pick the Ten Week route if you:

  • Want a new life and will think through carefully how you are going to get it
  • Want to take stock and consider a number of options before acting
  • Don’t have an hour free everyday for the next 7 days
  • Are methodical and deliberate in your thinking
  • Like to see the data and research
  • Like time to digest information and reflect
  • Will maybe want some quiet and solitude to work through the Chapters
  • Might feel overwhelmed if there is too much change to deal with too quickly

Neither option is better than the other.

Pick the one that is right for you.

But please remember: this program is all about playing the long-game, setting course for the rest of your life. So it might be tempting to go for the 4-week sprint, but if it already feels like that might be hard work, go for the 10-weeker instead; you will find it far more enjoyable and rewarding.

If four weeks feels like the right sort of challenge for you, go for it, the 10-weeker won’t be quick enough.

Whichever you choose, just make sure it’s the one that works best for you – no one else.