I Just can’t lose weight

Why can’t you lose weight?

Weight loss is a tricky issue. There are hundreds, thousands, maybe millions of people around the world who have been trying to lose weight for years. They spend the best part of their adult life getting on and off the rollercoaster that is dieting, hoping that this time their efforts might make a shred of difference. It’s exhausting, but what else can they do?

Dieting is not fun at the best of times. When we start to restrict things from our diets, they are all we can think about. Even if we empty our cupboards of the foods we know we can’t have, they still call to us, and somehow we end up giving in. Christmas, birthdays, special occasions and holidays throw all number of temptations at us, and we usually give in, saying it is just a treat, and we deserve a luxury sometimes. But these events keep popping up, and still we are feeling overweight, bloated and not at all confident in anything we want to wear. We can’t get out of this habit of diet and reward, and so the weight never drops off. Clothes shopping is a traumatic experience, and the thought of wearing a swimsuit on the beach is a punishment rather than the relaxing experience it should be.

We always start with the best of intentions; full of motivation. But it never lasts long, and we only ever lose a pound here and there. We tell ourselves we’ll start again tomorrow, knowing full well that dieting for one or two days a week is never going to be enough.

Never thing you’re the only one – we’ve all been there. And there is nothing wrong with you – this happens to almost every dieter.

Maybe you have a physical issue, like a slow metabolism or a thyroid problem, and it’s worth getting that checked out by your local GP if you really do think that’s true. But more often than not, it’s the computer inside your head (your brain) that’s stopping you from ever losing a large amount of weight and keeping it off.

And once you’ve conquered that, you can look forward to losing weight slowly but surely – week in, week out – with ease, without giving up any of your favourite foods. Until you finally, once and for all, reach your weight loss goals and get the body you want.

Are you ready to chuck out the diet rules?

Can you imagine what life would be like if you could stop dieting right now?

  • If you could eat all of your favourite foods again?
  • If you could stop turning down invitations to nights out?
  • If you could go food shopping without having to check all the backs of the packets?
  • And, you’d still lose weight!

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