I’m on a diet right now

Your diet is going to make you fat, not thin!

There are so many diets to choose from. Whether you are following one right now, or not, you probably have heard about many of them already. There’s low carbohydrate variations, low-fat plans, ones that involve calorie counting, one’s that require you to drink juice and no solids.

Dieting isn’t much fun, no matter which one you choose to follow. They are generally restrictive and boring, and stop you from enjoying life to the fullest.

And the worst thing about them all, is that despite your hard work, your attempts to cut back on your social life, your polite turning-down of dinners out with friends and family, all designed to ruin your diet, you will be no better off than when you started. You may drop a pound here and there, but all that effort you have gone to for the sake of a couple of inches, will be wasted, because all these diets are designed to ensure you put weight on again as soon as you give up. That’s how these plans make their money – by ensuring they have got a customer for life.

It might seem crazy to imagine that diets actually make you fat. But lots of scientific studies have been done into the long-term effects of dieting, and they prove that over 80% of dieters end up weighing more than when they started.

The problem is that dieting is a big-money industry, and many billions of pounds are ploughed into advertising the latest fad diets and weight-loss gimmicks – until they convince us that their latest products are the answer to our weight-loss prayers. The truth is they don’t have the answers. And they don’t want you to have the answers either, because if you did, you wouldn’t be fat anymore and you wouldn’t be spending any money on the latest fat-loss quick fixes.

Lots of these diets work, of course, but the reality is that they only work in the short-term. You could lose a couple of stone if you’re really dedicated and give up everything that makes your life enjoyable, but as soon as you stop dieting, as you inevitably will – the weight will slowly and surely start to return, and it will all have been for nothing. It is time to break this cycle.

Are you ready to chuck out the diet rules?

Are you ready to chuck out the diet rules?

Can you imagine what life would be like if you could stop dieting right now?

  • If you could eat all of your favourite foods again?
  • If you could stop turning down invitations to nights out?
  • If you could go food shopping without having to check all the backs of the packets?
  • And, you’d still lose weight!

Our Programme will teach you how to do all of this and more.

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